Halo Reach Winter Contingency Walkthrough on Legendary, Alone


Section 1: Noble Team

You start this level with a 600 ammunition attack rifle and a 70 ammunition magnum. You are riding in a hawk with Carter and Jun and land on top of a slope to explore a trouble signal beneath. This pain reference point is phony, made by contract powers as a snare. In the event that you run down the slope, you will find an undetectable Elite spec operations getting away from the scene, undoubtedly the person who made the snare. It won’t go after you regardless of whether took shots at, and will vanish subsequent to crossing the scaffold. In the event that you kill this Elite, it will drop an information cushion which contains data about pledge glassing.


In the wake of arriving at the misery guide and perhaps killing the Elite spec operations, push ahead down the way to one side. Follow the way through a structure, where you will come to one more structure with three ranchers. Jorge will converse with these ranchers, and they will caution you of “something in the fields.” Continue following the way to one side, where you will ultimately come to a cultivating working with contract outside. This region is the “Standpoint” firefight mission. You will find a Skirmisher major with a needle rifle on top of the structure to one side. When it sees you, the Skirmisher calls for reinforcement. This triggers seven ordinary Grunts, one Grunt ultra, and three Skirmisher minors with needlers to move in and assault. The three Skirmisher minors run into the cellar under you, yet the Grunts and the post stay outside. Kill the Skirmisher major and the Grunts through the window with your magnum while utilizing the wall close to 6.5 Grendel ammo for sale as cover. Then, drop down the steps into the storm cellar to polish off the Skirmishers. When you leave the structure, two banshees will go after Jun’s bird of prey, yet they don’t represent a danger to you. Trade your attack rifle for one of the Grunt’s plasma guns prior to leaving.


Push ahead into the ranch and out the doors, where you will find a Grunt minor and a Grunt ultra whom you ought to kill with magnum headshots. When you arrive at the extension, a ghost will drop six ordinary Grunts, one Grunt ultra, and three Skirmisher studies the stones on the opposite side of the scaffold. Trust that the ghost will leave, then, at that point, cross the scaffold and utilize one of the huge rocks as cover. Kill every one of the foes with magnum headshots, climbing to new shakes as cover if fundamental.


When you kill these foes and cross the stream, you will track down four Grunts, and Elite major, three Elite ultras, and an Elite general with a blackout rifle. First kill the Grunts with your magnum by involving the enormous stone before the tree as cover. Then, move in reverse and into the structure to one side. This building will give you great cover from the Elites. While a large portion of the Elites are zeroing in on different Spartans, leave the structure and eliminate one of the Elite’s safeguards with a cheated plasma gun fired. Immediately kill them with a magnum headshot before their partners harm you, then, at that point, promptly step once more into the structure to stay away from foe discharge. Rehash this strategy to kill the Elites as a whole, including the general. In the wake of killing the last Elite, snatch a new plasma gun from one of the Grunts bodies, push ahead towards the little precipice to one side, and bounce down to enter the following convention point.


Section 2: Rebels don’t leave plasma consumes

At the lower part of the precipice, you will find a truck and wellbeing unit. Restock on wellbeing if essential. Assuming that you enter the truck, carter will ride in the traveler’s seat and Jorge will ride on the back. Since Jorge conveys a turret, this furnishes the truck with the same capability of a standard warthog. Nonetheless, there is an accomplishment for finishing this level without entering any vehicles, so use run all things considered in the event that you don’t have this accomplishment yet.


Partially down the way, you will find two Skirmisher majors, one with a needle rifle. Whether you are in a truck or by walking, kill these Skirmishers and trade your magnum for the needle rifle. The way will then take you across a little scaffold to a crossroads. The correct way will lead you into a little settlement loaded up with contract. Be that as it may, clearing this settlement isn’t essential for your goal, so I propose following the passed on way to sidestep it.


On the off chance that you follow the correct way: You will very quickly come to a yard encompassed by structures where you will find four Grunts and an Elite minor. Move into the structure excessively your left and kill the Grunts, then, at that point, the Elite. Exit through the huge carport entryway in the structure. Assuming that you have the truck, you can drive right by this battle without killing the adversaries. Inside the structures, you will find an attack rifle, a 16 ammunition magnum, an explosive, and two wellbeing packs.


Both of the ways join at a huge open region with a contract recieving wire off to one side. On the off chance that you came here rapidly, you will find two Skirmishers, one with a needle rifle. Kill them both and add the needle rifle ammunition to your needle rifle. Go on down the way, where you will come to a stream. Contingent upon how rapidly you arrived, you will track down various foes. There are as a rule no less than five Grunts in the waterway, yet there can likewise be more Grunts, Skirmishers, and, surprisingly, a soul. Utilize the stones on your side of the stream as cover to kill all of the light infantry you can see with needle rifle headshots. Cross the stream to the structures on the opposite side. Here you will find three or four additional Grunts and an Elite major. Kill the Grunts first, then, at that point, the Elite, which sets off a misery signal from Corporal Travis. He and a gathering of marines are endeavoring to guard themselves from pledge in another settlement, so Carter teaches you to protect them.


Leave the settlement you are at present in and follow the left way up the slope. Require the second squarely into the structure with the marines. On the lower story of the left structure, there is a 30 ammunition DMR in the focal point of the carport, set apart with the law image. Trade your needle rifle for the DMR and move outside the carport. In the event that you didn’t kill the two Skirmishers at the junction prior, you will track down them here beyond the carport. Kill them on the off chance that you see the, hide behind the heap of four barrels. A soul will show up to drop seven Grunts. Kill them with your DMR from your cover.


When you kill these Grunts, run forward and afterward take a left onto the soil way. Move behind the slope with the tree on top for cover. To involve this slope as cover, embrace the precipice wall to one side and stroll to the highest point of the slope to shoot the foes while they are centered around Jorge and different marines. On the off chance that you become harmed or see a danger heading towards you, stroll down the slope, where you will be protected from foe fire. Around twenty seconds after you kill the last Grunts from the past outsource, another soul will drop seven additional Grunts and an Elite major. Take out the Grunts from your situation with your DMR, and trust that the Elite will come to you. Assuming it begins moving towards you, back down the precipice while charging your plasma gun. In this manner, you can eliminate its safeguards and kill it when it strolls over the peak of the slope. Not long after the principal soul leaves, another outsource will convey four Grunt majors, three Grunt ultras, and an Elite ultra with a needle rifle. Utilize the technique depicted above kill them.


After you have totally cleared the region, the UNSC pilot can securely land his hawk. Get into the hawk so the pilot can ship you, Carter, and Jorge to the hand-off station. You will land in the yard of station. Honorable group is attempting to enter the office, yet the entryway has been locked by the contract inside. Kat is at present slicing through the entryway, and you should get by while she does this. At the point when you first land, you will find Emile drawing in four Grunts and five Jackals. Kill them all with DMR headshots while involving any of the bigger things in the yard as cover, then, at that point, trade your plasma gun for a new one from the dead Grunts or Jackals. Restock on DMR ammunition and wellbeing from the case inside the room in which Kat is cutting open the entryway.


The agreement will currently send many outsources to prevent Noble Team from entering the office. Different Spartans will move into the space to safeguard Kat, yet you ought to move to the area off to one side. From this position, you can take out the Grunts, Skirmishers, and Jackals that will show up with your DMR while hiding behind the huge stockpiling block to one side. Trust that any Elites will come to you, and take cover behind the capacity block when the beginning charging. Eliminate their safeguards with your plasma gun once they come around the block and finish a headshot before they harm you.


A soul will before long show up to convey the principal wave of foes, comprising of seven Grunt majors and an Elite major. Look around the capacity box to take out the Grunts straightaway. The Elite for the most part goes after the remainder of Nobel group, so possibly connect with him on the off chance that he moves toward your situation. When the main soul leaves, the subsequent will show up, dropping seven Grunt majors, four Jackals, three Skirmisher majors with needle rifles, and an Elite major. Keep on taking out all of the light infantry from this position. You don’t have to keep an eye out in light of the fact that the agreement infantry are not savvy to the point of sneaking behind you. The subsequent soul will proceed to remain and give air support, so step back behind the capacity block when you see blackout shots flying towards you.


After a short time, the third and last soul will send four Grunt majors, four Jackals, three Skirmishers, three Elite spec operations, and an Elite general with an energy blade. Right now, two banshees will likewise show up, yet they won’t go after you assuming you stay in your situation. Kat will wrap up opening the entryway not long after this soul leaves, so you won’t have to battle this whole gathering of adversaries. Run into the security of the space to join the remainder of honorable group once Carter trains you to.

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