Problems With Shliwapi Dll? Don’t Download Just Any Replacement!

Problems With Shliwapi Dll? Don’t Download Just Any Replacement!



Had problems with shliwapi.dll? You’re not the only one. Problems with this file can be particularly distressing, as it is part of the Windows operating system. Some   computer owners have even gone so far as to re-install Windows!

Shliwapi.dll is a Windows general utility file–but an important one.

Perhaps Windows has shown you one of the following gray dialogue boxes:

“This application failed to start because shlwapi.dll was not found. Re-installing application may fix this problem.”

“Explorer has caused an error in shliwapi.dll.”

And finally the always wonderful, “Shlwapi.dll Not Found.”

Any one of these messages would be enough to vex even a technically inclined computer owner. Even worse, there isn’t a whole lot of information about this file available online.

The dangers of free.DLL download sites.

Software developers for use with specific programs create DLL files. As such, the only reliable source for these files is from the original provider.

But free.DLL download sites pose more dangers than just that of code that isn’t up to par. The file itself may be outdated. Instead of just not working, it could potentially crash some of your programs, or even your entire computer!

To make it even worse, some of these “free download” sites are unregulated by developers and companies, and are prone to carrying viruses and spyware from malicious uploaders. At best, the program will be useless as your anti-virus catches it and puts it in quarantine. At worst, you may make your computer problems even worse!

Corrupt or missing.DLL files may be part of a bigger problem.

Problems with executable (.EXE) and direct linking library (.DLL) files are often smaller symptoms of a larger problem with your computer.

It could be that your edition of Windows needs to download an update or a service pack. (If you haven’t checked for one of these lately, you can find “Windows Update” in the Control Panel section of your Windows menu).


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